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R.E.A.L. Skills Network Inc.
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The purpose of our organization is to engage youths with promise that have had difficulties navigating the past of society's traditional, social, educational and judicial systems. Simultaneously, we are creating an atmosphere that allows the youth to obtain skill competency levels and social values that will empower them to interact in their community, school or job settings more successfully. R.E.A.L. Skills is committed to a non-traditional grass roots approach to youth habilitation in the inner-urban community Located in the heart of the city of Poughkeepsie we serve a district that has had 50 percent of less graduation rate over the last 10 consecutive years. Our enrichment program allows these children the hope they need to help these students become career and college ready productive citizens. Without your support and donation our program can not continue to touch these more than 200 youth a year. Your donation helps to expose a child to things they would not otherwise experience ie) Broadway shows, Museum trips, Historic landmarks, Your contribution is greatly appreciated.